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The Many Roles of Ms. Anita Royston


Anita: Published Author

Anita is the co-author of the, "Brave, Bold & Beautiful Book Series." The series was created to inspire, empower, enlighten and recount the personal histories of the forgotten, unknown and unacknowledged that live or have lived bravely, boldly and beautifully. As storytellers and keepers of the gate, our role is to unleash our truths and preserve our stories for posterity.

The Series has recently been added to a diversity class at the University of Nevada Reno as well.


Anita: The Radio Talent

Anita also host a weekly talk show at WKBY1080am called, "The View Point." where she interviews guest within the community and throughout the United States. 


Anita: The Educator

Anita has been called upon to teach diversity classes to new teachers, both on the east and west coast, as a, "Parent Education Specialist." 

Anita also instructs & manages Train-The-Trainer workshops Nationwide.

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